Welcome to my blog, my friends!!

After being abandoned for years, my blog is eventually set up. Thanks to the new templates, it is so much easier to arrange my blog the way I want to a much more acceptable degree. Well, now it may not be exactly the best, but I am sure it will definitely be better and I shall be more willing to spend more time and efforts here.



Sunset in Hengchuen 恆春日落

YES! This one was also taken with my new GND filters!!!

For this specific setting, the results turned out exactly as I had expected -- quite satisfying yet not perfect!!! The texture of those coral reefs looks much better better than before. This problem had bothered me the most for a long time and now it is finally solved. Hurray!!!!

Now I just need to come here often because this is the right season for the direction of the setting sun.

對的,這是用我新購的漸層鏡拍攝的。解決了我常久以來的困擾,那就是珊瑚礁的質地常因曝光不足而無法表現出來。 因為如果要把珊瑚礁曝足光線,海面便很容易過曝,而且又要同時顧及海天極大的亮差,常會顧此失彼,頗讓我感到極度挫折的。




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