Welcome to my blog, my friends!!

After being abandoned for years, my blog is eventually set up. Thanks to the new templates, it is so much easier to arrange my blog the way I want to a much more acceptable degree. Well, now it may not be exactly the best, but I am sure it will definitely be better and I shall be more willing to spend more time and efforts here.



Crystal (1)

Crystal (1) by Sunrise@dawn 風傳影像
Crystal (1), a photo by Sunrise@dawn 風傳影像 on Flickr.

Taken with my new toy - Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1,4/85 ZE.

I was amazed at how the lighting in the background turned out to be - unbelievable color tones and dreamy bokeh!!! It is always a greatest pleasure to come up with shots like this one at a setting you expect something otherwise.


Night Lane 暗夜巷道

Another awesome night shot taken with my new Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1.4/ 85 ZE. 1.4 is certainly no match for 1.0 but manual focusing adds a lot of fun to shooting with this well-built lens.


Chigu at Dusk 七股暮色

Another shot of my Light Chasing series, taken on a different position at a different sun-setting time!!

Everything seems to be just just perfect, right? The tide, the clouds, the sun, and the position! In fact, on that particular day, every position was OK! What a blessed day for me!!

This is not a popular setting for most Taiwanese photographers so there is basically no one around whenever I go there. Ain't that just awesome?

This reminds me of Erliao, where I used to visit a few times every year and take some fantastic sunrise shots; now it is always packed with hundreds of tripods every day. And the most unbearable thing of all is that people would have to arrive there at about 10 o'clock the previous night to put tripods or whatever thing they own to occupy a spot for yourself or else they would have no place to stand to shoot at all. Isn't it spoiling all the fun? Besides, with so many people there, Erliao is basically like a noisy night market in the mountain. I am not kidding -  there were actually vendors selling coffee, sandwiches and some other food up there!!!


Romantic Wonliton 浪漫萬里桐

Waliton has never ceased to amaze me with its spectacular tidal pools and unique coral reef patterns, plus the most glorious sunset.

It takes another hour to get to Wanliton after passing Fangshan so compared with the total number of my visits to Fangshan, I seem to have been too tepid to it!!!

Wanliton is a rather difficult shooting location for its dark coral reefs. Rocks in Fangshan are easier to shoot because they reflect light but dark coral reefs in Wanliton are really a bitch because they don't reflect light but absorb it. So getting prefect exposure control is very difficult while shooting Wanliton, especially for black card shooting.


Stormy Fangshan 風雨枋山

I never get disappointed with gloomy weather because I can always find something worth shooting. Sometimes it is the light that is veiled behind the thick clouds; sometimes it is the awesome stormy clouds that roll in the gray sky; sometimes it is the waves that interact with the rocks ashore.

On this day, everything I need for shooting was present at the setting so yes, I had fun alright!!!


Wapan in Early Winter 初冬瓦盤

Wapan seems to have been well developed by the government because there were just too many tourists on the site today!!! I don't really think it is something worth cheering for man-made development usually means destruction of the eco-system!!


Classic Fangshan 經典枋山

Fangshan is changeable and unpredictable!! This was taken about one month ago and the last time I visited there again, only to find that the landscape was totally different!!

After having shooting Fangshan for these years, I think Fangshan with this terrain is the most gorgeous. Too bad it is gone now because I was hoping to have a great harvest this year shooting Fangshan!!!


Waves & Rocks in Fangshan

Fansghan on a not-so-grorgeous evening looks no less attractive though. The pebbles brought onto the beach by strong currents and waves after typhoons in summer embellish the beach a great deal with their glittering in the white wave streaks.

Though winter is around the corner, I am still hoping that I can be blessed with some great moments and spectacular scenes. In fact, after checking my previous shooting records, I find there were quite a few great trips on which I made a lot of gorgeous captures. Who says winter is not the right season for landscape shooting?!


Overcast Chigu (1)

Muddy bottom of Chigu lagoon is way beyond my expectation; it is just gorgeous, especially with those rocks half buries in the mud.

As for the clouds, what else could you ask for? They are just simple awesome. I had never expected to come across them this way before I reached the spot; somehow, God sent me there to witness His creation and capture it for the world to see.


Anping under Clouds

How lucky I was to be there at that pint to witness the most spectacular clouds, especially from that spot!!

I don't usually shoot to hat direction but for the clouds, I did it and I have say it was just awesome!! Of course, I have to say thank you to the own of the first boat for he moored it at just the right position!!!

As a photographer, I always consider it a privilege to be chosen to witness some great moments of nature.


Murky Waves in Stormy Fangshan

My latest visit to Fangshan!!! Gloomy so the sky was overwhelmed with dark clouds, plus the sea water was murky enough!!!

Not exactly a satisfying trip but I still enjoyed it a lot as long as I could stand on the beach and press the shutter!!!