Welcome to my blog, my friends!!

After being abandoned for years, my blog is eventually set up. Thanks to the new templates, it is so much easier to arrange my blog the way I want to a much more acceptable degree. Well, now it may not be exactly the best, but I am sure it will definitely be better and I shall be more willing to spend more time and efforts here.




Alley by Sunrise@dawn 風傳影像
Alley, a photo by Sunrise@dawn 風傳影像 on Flickr.
I am slowing down on Facebook, or withdrawing from it at least for the present. As for the reasons, I think it is mainly because I am not a social type of man and hence updating my status seems to be pointless and aimless. Besides, I would never upload any of my images onto FB for it has no respects for and no intention to protect intellectual properties. In this case, there seems to have no space in any groups for a person like me.

I have been wondering what the main purpose for people to upload photos onto FB risking their works being illegitimately used or downloaded? Sharing? For some photographers who have contracts with image companies, it seems pretty unwise. Self-promoting? It is obvious that most "Likes" that people collect are usually from the people they have already known in some other photo or social websites. Fun from meeting people? Yeah, probably it is but I would like to seek friends in my real world, not in the cyberspace, though I did actually make a couple of great friends on the Internet.

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