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After being abandoned for years, my blog is eventually set up. Thanks to the new templates, it is so much easier to arrange my blog the way I want to a much more acceptable degree. Well, now it may not be exactly the best, but I am sure it will definitely be better and I shall be more willing to spend more time and efforts here.



Romantic Wonliton 浪漫萬里桐

Waliton has never ceased to amaze me with its spectacular tidal pools and unique coral reef patterns, plus the most glorious sunset.

It takes another hour to get to Wanliton after passing Fangshan so compared with the total number of my visits to Fangshan, I seem to have been too tepid to it!!!

Wanliton is a rather difficult shooting location for its dark coral reefs. Rocks in Fangshan are easier to shoot because they reflect light but dark coral reefs in Wanliton are really a bitch because they don't reflect light but absorb it. So getting prefect exposure control is very difficult while shooting Wanliton, especially for black card shooting.

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