Welcome to my blog, my friends!!

After being abandoned for years, my blog is eventually set up. Thanks to the new templates, it is so much easier to arrange my blog the way I want to a much more acceptable degree. Well, now it may not be exactly the best, but I am sure it will definitely be better and I shall be more willing to spend more time and efforts here.



Light Chasing (1)

Another shot of the same series taken on the same day.

After I almost decided to leave this spot to move to a different one, I felt it was a better idea to stick around and this was what I got awarded by the Creator - a spectacular sky with unbelievably dramatic clouds.

Yes, I was more than satisfied yesterday. What made me even happier was that there were no other guys like me with cameras and tripods around. What a peaceful and blessed moment it was to be at one alone with the universe.

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