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Fangshan Reborn 枋山重生, 2012

Yes, Fangshan is reborn after all the previous storms that hit this territory. The whole landscape has been drastically changed by the waves and rainfalls and wind to an extent that I could barely recognize it. Every rock seems to have been replaced and turned upside down. The sandy beach I used to be familiar with has gone and now rocks of all sizes have take over the beach.

Frankly speaking, I was quite repelled by the new sight of the coast during my prior visits, yet today I realized that this is the true meaning of "nature has its own course." Fangshan, like all the other coasts around the world, revitalize itself or is reinvigorated by Mother Nature; either way, Fangshan is no longer the original Fangshan.

I am happy that I have found a brand new way to communicate with it, to appreciate it and to interpret it.

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