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After being abandoned for years, my blog is eventually set up. Thanks to the new templates, it is so much easier to arrange my blog the way I want to a much more acceptable degree. Well, now it may not be exactly the best, but I am sure it will definitely be better and I shall be more willing to spend more time and efforts here.



I ❤ Fangshan 我愛枋山, 2012 3

I  ❤ Fangshan 我愛枋山, 2012 3 by Sunrise@dawn 風傳影像

Well, it was such a fine sunny day and I arrived in Fangshan early as usual.  While I was taking a look at the setting, I sat myself down on one of the plastic chairs set there by the coffee truck owner and I took a shot of myself in rain boots. 
The green grass on the edge of the cliff really stands out in the bright sunlight, doesn't it? Of course, let's not forget what makes all shootings possible and perfect, the sun!! Anyway, I sure had fun that day! 

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