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After being abandoned for years, my blog is eventually set up. Thanks to the new templates, it is so much easier to arrange my blog the way I want to a much more acceptable degree. Well, now it may not be exactly the best, but I am sure it will definitely be better and I shall be more willing to spend more time and efforts here.



Fangshan Waltz, 2 (EXPLORED)

YES, this is one unique scene that can never be repeated ever. Yet somehow I feel happy, rather than sad, because I was there witness and capture it. Thank God!!


Fangshan Golden Sunset, 2012 2 (EXPLORED)

Fangshan in winter has a different face, which appeals to only the most persistent photographers who knows where and when to appreciate her beauty and then capture and present it to the whole world.


Chigu Golden Sunset, 2012 2 (EXPLORED)

A rare perspective of Chigu lagoon. I took this shot the minute I got out of my car seeing the sentinel tower washed in the warm golden sunlight with a few people next to it and the sky crazily blue.


#3 on 500px (Landscapes)

#3 on 500px (Landscapes)
#12 in all categories

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Erliao's Golden Dawn, 2012 2 (EXPLORED)

This shot was taken with my 70-200LII, which produced a gorgeous result beyond my expectation. Thank God for the sunrays beaming out from behind the mountains and of course the most beautiful colors displayed in the sky!!!

Wish I can have luck this year in Erliao!!! Last year I visited the place twice only for it was just insanely packed with people and noise and cars and scooters, which totally spoiled my mood for shooting!!


Orange Dusk, 2012 2 (EXPLORED)

Nanliao is always gorgeous; no matter what the weather is like, rain or shine, she is always capable of attracting you with her special charm.

Funny thing is that I usually choose to come here mostly when the weather seems not fine enough for me to drive for hours to go down south to Hengchuen Peninsula.


Fangshan's Delicate Dusk, 2012 3

I can never get tired of Fangshan coastline. Every time I visit it, she always looks different, and that's why I always stop there and seldom go farther down south to Kenting. I feel i might miss something awesome..

Well, I know I need to change my shooting sites more often to avoid monotony. Maybe I really have to do that next time!!


#10 in 500px landscape category! 
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blowing in the wind, 2012 4 (EXPLORED)

#1 in 500px's Nature category & #2 in all categories in POPULAR on Feb 15, 2012!!!!

About 17 hours after upload - 95.5 Rating / 239 Views / 31 Votes!

Let's celebrate, my friends!! 

Spring Cleaning!!!

I am currently going one by one through my contact list to screen out those who do not add me as a contact and then remove them from my list!!!  There are just too many people in the list to follow!!!

If you are removed but you do actually like my works and drop by on my photostream sometimes, please send me a Flickr mail to put you back in my list!!

Love and peace!!

FlickRooster #55

According to FlickrRooster,
I am ranked #55 on Flickr today!

Well folks, let's celebrate!!!!!!

Champagne, caviar and peanuts......


Vibrant Dawn, 2012 2

To most photogs, Chigu is a great site for sunset shooting, yet I find it more appealing at dawn.

I really hate that there are too many people around when shooing so it is sheer joy shooing daybreaks in Chigu.

Absolute tranquility and ultimate grandeur!!!


Abandoned Wooden Pier, 2012

This site seems to be one the few spots that are left good for shooting in Anping Harbor area - especially in winter when the sun sets in the right direction for photographers to be able to compose the abandoned pier nicely in the image!!


Foxy Fangshan

This was a day I would never forget for it was one of the rarest blessed days for photographers - everything was just set in the right place at the right time.


Fangshan in Winter Afternoon 冬午の枋山, 2012 2

I don't usually get this lucky to capture these two huge rocks with that magnificent golden backlight; somehow, on that day I was obviously blessed!!!


Fangshan Waltz, 2 (EXPLORED)

I am the top #7 photographer on ClickrChart!

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Sail in God's Rays 2

Fangshan is a blessed site for photographers. where God'd rays are so easily seen!!